Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Drupal Interview questions PHP, MySQL, Javascript and CSS

This is the list of interview questions asked to me in various interviews I have attended so far, answers will be updated soon.

PHP & MySQL questions:

  1. Mysql & mysqli difference

  2. Second highest salary

  3. Breadcumb handling

  4. Diff JSON & XML. Which will be best? Reason for that?

  5. Which is the best one for RIA?

  6. Calling pages from other server

  7. How you find Version of Drupal?

  8. serialize and unserialize in php?

  9. echo and print difference

  10. exif? usage?

  11. sort, asort, ksort? usage?

  12. require, require_once & include?

  13. how many ways PHP session ID can be retrieved?

  14. persistent cookies?

  15. How to eliminate PHPSESSID= in URL?

  16. php oop pass by value or reference?

  17. @fopen()

  18. Php HEREDOC

  19. myd, myi, frm?

  20. single command to import .csv file into DB

  21. find date difference?

  22. optimizing mysql queries

  23. mysql_fetch_row(), mysql_fetch_object(), mysql_fetch_array()


  1. Tell me about your company.

  2. Summarize your work experience.


  1. What are the necessary files for creating a new module?

  2. What will happen when there is no tpl files inside your custom themes folder?

  3. How you set an subdomain sites with your existing drupal installation?

  4. Use of AHAHA module?

  5. Have you every worked with any properitory drupal products like Acquia?

  6. What you know that Drupal template engines?

  7. Views? Views 2?

  8. MySQL replication

  9. How you do Drupal Performance tuning?

  10. memcached?

  11. Why we use jQuery?

Client-side language interview questions:

  1. It's a simple list of client-side language interview questions.


  1. What's the difference between display: none and visibility: hidden?

  2. What are the ways we can include stylesheets in a HTML file?

  3. List the possible Values of 'Position' property. Which one is the default value?

  4. What is the use of '!important'?

  5. Tell the priority level of external, inline & internal stylesheets.

  6. Can we use a class name more than once in a HTML file?

  7. Which one will have the higher priority, ID or CLASS?

  8. What is the purpose of 'Block'?

  9. How do we override a class property in css?

JS :

  1. On page load, i want to hide a

    tag. How to do that?

  2. What is the syntax for addListener?

  3. What is a Lightbox?


  1. List the attributes of anchor tag.