Monday, October 12, 2009

DOM PDF sucked me!

DOM PDF is an excellent HTML to PDF converter for PHP. It gives us the flexibility to design our PDF output in HTML format and use that file to generate the required PDF. Looks cool, huh! I never knew the danger behind it when i started using it.

Yes, i have developed my PDF generation requirement using the DOM PDF in my Windows box and the project was about to be delivered. But once i ported it in Linux Box, i was terrified!

In Linux, DOM PDF is not generating the PDF properly. I was clueless. It worked charmingly in Windows. What i observed is that, if the contents (number of pages) exceed more than one page, it doesn't generate the PDF. It was shocked! We (along with my Tech Lead) tried our level best to fix it up. But DOM PDF sucked us. We couldn't arrive at a solution to fix this issue.

At last we gave up DOM PDF and continued our development with FPDF (the savior) and completed the project.

It's a very good lesson for me about the platform specific issues of free codes. I admit that i never posted anything related to this issue in DOM PDF. I have to do it soon.

Thanks for reading this.

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