Monday, July 14, 2008

IRC for Online help (in my case its Drupal)..

Another day of struggle in learning Drupal (CMS) ,a Content Management System for website development. Although, i worked in it a long way back.Now,i need to learn its coding. I have been instructed to learn new things for the past 2 weeks like Plone(Python),Code Igniter and now Drupal.

Whenever, i start learning a new technology. I do the following things (Everybody will do the same isn't it?)
1.First i search for its official site and download the application.
2.Then,I install it in my local system and try out few sample codes.
3.The next step would be the search for a free ebook.
4. The final step would be the new thing, i started doing these days. ONLINE HELP!
Here comes the explanation for that last step. Getting "Online support" will be the best possible way, to quickly learn a new technology . There should be a way to get this support isn't it? Yes,here comes IRC(Internet Relay Chat) to help us.
IRC ,a very old concept started way back in 80's. To know more about its history, visit
This environment will help you to get connected to 1000's of experts in various technologies. Talking about my experience for Drupal, i searched web for a Drupal online support. I landed up with this fantastic environment IRC. To set up this environment in Windows,
1. I installed "Microsoft Chat" which is a free download from . or you can download XCHAT from
2. Connect to the specific host,in my case its ""
3. Join the room from the list of rooms available.For Drupal rooms like "#drupal,#drupal-support" will be the opt.
4. Get connected and learn the technology from experts.
All these geeks will amaze you in answering your queries,providing us with reference URL's,suggestions,best coding practices and more.


A Sample IRC Chat environment:

I don't know how many of u guys reading this, will know it already.But my objective is to share my knowledge. That's it :)

As a conclusion,always remember the basic etiquettes to be followed in IRC chat.

Sastha L